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Quantitative Lateral Drift Control of RC Tall Frameworks using Dynamic Displacement Sensitivity Analysis (동적 변위민감도 해석을 이용한 고층 RC 골조구조물의 정량적인 횡변위 제어 방안)

  • Lee, Han-Joo;Kim, Ho-Soo
    • Journal of Korean Association for Spatial Structures
    • /
    • v.6 no.3 s.21
    • /
    • pp.103-110
    • /
    • 2006
  • This study presents a technique to control quantitatively lateral drift of RC tall frameworks subject to lateral loads. To this end, lateral drift constraints are established by introducing approximation concept that preserves the generality of the mathematical programming and can efficiently solve large scale problems. Also the relationships of sectional properties are established to reduce the number of design variables and resizing technique of member is developed under the 'constant-shape' assumption. Specifically, the methodology of dynamic displacement sensitivity analysis is developed to formulate the approximated lateral displacement constraints. Three types of 10 and 50 story RC framework models are considered to illustrate the features of dynamic stiffness-based optimal design technique proposed in this study.

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