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Differing effects of perceived psychological benefits of wearables adoption by consumer age, need for cognition, and involvement (소비자의 웨어러블즈 스포츠웨어 기술수용 과정에서 연령, 인지욕구, 패션관여의 조절효과 연구)

  • Lee, Eun-Jung
    • The Journal of the Convergence on Culture Technology
    • /
    • v.6 no.1
    • /
    • pp.289-299
    • /
    • 2020
  • The wearables market has fast grown, demanding a more consumer-centric academic attention. The current research explores the moderations of consumer individual characteristics (i.e., age, need for cognition, involvement) in the dynamics of perceived psychological benefits of wearables adoption (i.e., perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use) towards perceived product quality. the results indicate a strong positive influence of both the perceived usefulness and ease of use on perceived quality. however, the predicted moderations of age, need for congitiion, and involvement were partially supported.