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A Study on Lithium Leaching from the Fly Ash of Taean Electric Power Plant (태안화력발전소 비산재로부터 리튬용출연구)

  • Kim, Kang-Joo;Lee, Eun-Gyu;Lee, Jae-Cheol;Hwang, Soo-Yeon;Kim, Chang-Hyeon
    • Journal of the Mineralogical Society of Korea
    • /
    • v.25 no.2
    • /
    • pp.117-122
    • /
    • 2012
  • The leaching of Li from fly ashes was studied. The fly ash produced from the Taean electric power plant of the Korea Western Power Co., Ltd. was used for this study. The Li leaching was observed according to the changes in solid:solution ratio, solution types (seawater or deionized water), and the $CO_2$ condition in the atmosphere. The results showed that the Li concentrations in the solution increased continuously as the solid:solution ratio increased. The Li leaching per unit mass of fly ash was greater when the deionized water was used for the experiment and when the $CO_2$ dissolution is limited during the reaction because the precipitation of $CaCO_3$ is suppressed under those conditions. At high solid:solution ratio, $Mg^{2+}$, the ion preventing the Li extraction from seawater by adsorption, was effectively removed from the seawater.

Susceptibility of Pine Wood Nematode Vectors to ULV Insecticides Sprayed from an Unmanned Helicopter (무인항공기를 활용한 유인항공기용 작물보호제에 대한 소나무재선충 매개충의 약제 감수성)

  • Kim, Junheon;Nam, Sangjune;Song, Jinyoung
    • Korean journal of applied entomology
    • /
    • v.59 no.2
    • /
    • pp.83-91
    • /
    • 2020
  • We assessed efficacy of spraying pesticides from an unmanned helicopter to control two insect species, Monochamus alternatus and M. saltuarius, which are vectors of pine wood nematodes. Control efficacy of thiacloprid FL (33×), acetamiprid ME (33×), and flupyradifurone SL (33×) was determined by placing caged insects in the canopy of pine trees (Pinus sp). Water-sensitive paper was used to record the spray pattern of pesticide droplets and the degree of coverage; furthermore, we investigated peripheral scattering due to spraying. The three pesticides showed > 96% control efficacy against the targeted vectors, and pesticide droplet spray patterns were similar. Peripheral scattering was observed up to 20 m in front and 10 m to the left, right, and behind the targeted area. The coverage index of all the directions at 5 and 10 m distance was 6-7 and 2, respectively.

An Experimental Study on the Treatment of Waste Ash from the Incinerator by Alkali Soluble Acrylic Copolymer Emulsion (알칼리 용해성 아크릴계 수분산 중합체를 사용한 소각로 비산재의 처리에 관한 실험적 연구)

  • Lee, Hack-Yong;Choi, Sang-Reung;Noh, Jae-Ho;Heo, Hyung-Seok
    • Journal of the Korean Recycled Construction Resources Institute
    • /
    • v.5 no.1
    • /
    • pp.111-116
    • /
    • 2010
  • The treatment of heavy metal, in the waste ash from incinerator and mine solid waste, by using alkali-soluble acrylic copolymer emulsion, that is effective in the absorption of heavy metal has been studied. It seemed that alkali soluble acrylic copolymer emulsion was very effective in the absorption of Hg, Pb, Cd and Cu in this test. Also, eco-friendly thixotropic grout, using alkali soluble acrylic copolymer emulsion, that is effective in the absorption of heavy metal, for the recycling of waste ash from incinerator and mine solid waste has been tested. It was observed that waste ash could be used as a raw material of eco-friendly thixotropic grout mortar due to the effectiveness of alkali soluble acrylic copolymer emulsion in the fixation of heavy metals including $Cr^{6+}$ from waste ash in this test.

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Study on the Free CaO Analysis of Coal Ash in the Domestic Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion using ethylene glycol method (에틸렌글리콜법을 활용한 국내 순환유동층보일러 석탄회의 Free CaO 평가 연구)

  • Seo, Jun-Hyung;Baek, Chul-Seoung;Kim, Young-Jin;Choi, Moon-Kwan;Cho, Kye-Hong;Ahn, Ji-Whan
    • Journal of Energy Engineering
    • /
    • v.26 no.1
    • /
    • pp.1-8
    • /
    • 2017
  • This study was carried out to physicochemical properties and free CaO contents of coal ash in domestic circulating fludized bed combustion power plant using ethylene glycol method. Results of physicochemical properties, there are many differences in CaO contents for the region position in CFBC plant. The reason, It is considered to be reflected that regulation of exhaust concentration for oxides of sulfur and other operation characteristics of region position in CFBC plant. Free CaO contents are 1.96 ~ 10.78% of fly ash and 0.07~4.24 % of bottom ash, fly ash is higher than in the bottom ash. besides CaO contents of raw materials, particle distribution have a lot of influence Free CaO contents.