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저효율 혈액투석 불이행 측정 도구 개발 (A Study of Low Flux Hemodialysis Noncompliance Indicators and Discriminant Standards, Development of Hemodialysis Noncompliance Measurement - Brief Form(HNCM-BF))

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    • 간호행정학회지
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    • v.13 no.4
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    • pp.462-472
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    • 2007
  • Purpose: Purpose of the this study is to define the hemodialysis noncompliance Indicators and discriminant standards levels for low Flux Hemodialysis patients and development of Hemodialysis noncompliance measurement - brief form. Method: Data was collected from 269 hemodialysis patients. To establish the hemodialysis noncompliance Indicators and to discriminate standards, 13 hemodialysis nurses and 2 nephrology doctors are participated in professional group. To verify the indicators and discriminant standards, data was ananlyzed by the canonical discriminant analysis method using by SAS 8.3 program. Result: 4 Indicators- interdialysis weight gain(IWG); average of recent 4weeks, serum phophate level, skipping of hemodialysis and hemodialysis time shortening without permission- of hemodialysis noncompliance are established and discriminant standards are developed. Discriminant ability of these 4 noncompliance indicators is 99.7%(p=.000). Hemodialysis noncompliance measurement - brief form has 96.3% discriminant accuracy. Conclusion: Hemodialysis noncompliant patients have high risks. It means that special intervention to noncompliance is needed. Also continuous and objective assessment and standards of noncompliance are needed.

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