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A Study on Chamber Design for the Efficient Preservation of a Small Amount of Archives (소량 기록물의 효율적 보존을 위한 보존챔버 설계에 관한 연구)

  • Bong, Choon-Keun;Park, Seong-Jin;Lee, Jeong-Joo;Shin, Hyun-Chang
    • Journal of Korean Society of Archives and Records Management
    • /
    • v.13 no.1
    • /
    • pp.35-58
    • /
    • 2013
  • The archives preservation chamber is an equipment that is able to store important archives with air-cleaning and isothermal-isohumidity control functions to permanently store archives in a highly safe environment. The chamber can only store small amounts of archives but it is crucial for organizations preserving archives to economically store a variety of archives, be it a medium or a small amount of documents. An arm of this study researches the current preservation status of the local record center to determine the need for such a chamber. In addition, in order to improve the air-cleaning and isothermal-isohumidity functions, the researchers of this study have conducted analyses to design the core parts. The preservation chamber that had been designed includes an archives preservation area, air-cleaning equipment, and environment measurement equipment. A preservation chamber is used to preserve small amounts of important archives safely. Thus, when a local record center is preserving various types of archives in small or medium quantities in a stack room, the preservation chamber can be used to aid their long-term preservation.

Conservation Philosophy and Ethics, Its Key Concepts and Challenges (문화재 보존철학과 보존윤리의 필요성과 과제)

  • Lee, Su Jeong
    • Journal of Conservation Science
    • /
    • v.34 no.3
    • /
    • pp.227-233
    • /
    • 2018
  • Philosophical discussion and ethical approach have been crucial aspects in the rational decision-making of heritage conservation. This study analyses why and how they play an important role in determining the quality of conservation practice. It highlights the key concepts of conservation philosophy and ethics, as well as their relationship, in order to establish a constructive platform through which researchers may understand the role and importance of conservation philosophy and ethics. In conclusion, this study provides a set of recommendation for the government, academic experts, and conservators which will allow them to become actively involved in improving the quality of philosophical and ethical knowledge in the field of conservation.

Short-term Hypothermic Preservation of CHO Cells Using Serum-Free Media (무혈청 배지를 이용한 CHO 세포의 단기 저온보존)

  • Byoun, Soon-Hwi;Park, Hong-Woo;Choe, Tae-Boo
    • KSBB Journal
    • /
    • v.21 no.4
    • /
    • pp.306-311
    • /
    • 2006
  • Cell preservation is indispensable in animal cell culture process and should be established according to the cell characteristics. In this study, we experimented hypothermic preservation of CHO cells that is widely used in pharmaceutical industry to produce therapeutic proteins and established a stable method of preservation. The highest viability of CHO cells was obtained when the cells were preserved using rolling tube, which means the cells should be suspended to avoid the cell lumping during the preservation. Also, we obtained superior preservation result under the anaerobic condition. To evaluate the serum-free media as a preservation solution, we investigated cell growth after hypothermic preservation using serum-free media. High cell viability and normal cell growth was observed during 10 days using serum-free media. Moreover, we found that more effective preservation when ${\alpha}$-tocopherol and retinoic acid is added to media as an additive. In the case of 1 liter large scale hypothermic preservation using established protocol, cell viability and growth rate was obtained as good as small scale one. This study is considered to be helpful for hypothermic preservation of CHO cells and large scale hypothermic preservation may be available through the further studies.

Conservation & restoration works for ceramic objects of Hanam Museum of History (하남 역사박물관 소장 도.토기(陶.土器) 보존처리)

  • Mun Seong-Hui;Seo Jeong-Ho;Kim Se-Min
    • 한국문화재보존과학회:학술대회논문집
    • /
    • /
    • pp.200-206
    • /
    • 2005
  • 보존 처리된 유물은 경기도 하남시의 발굴현장에서 수습된 도토기로, 박물관의 소장유물로써 지역사(地域史)의 한 단면을 보여줄 수 있는 자료로 활용 가능성이 있을 것으로 판단되었고, 유물의 상태를 고려한 보존처리작업이 계획되었다. 보존처리작업은 가역성(可逆性)과 경제성에 중점을 두어, 박물관에서 이미 책정된 보존처리예산의 한도 내에서 선택할 수 있는 알맞은 약품과 재료를 선택하여, 복원작업이 필요한 부위 역시 추후 재처리작업이 필요할 때 해체가 용이한 기법을 이용하였다.

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An Analysis on Digital Preservation Practices in Academic Libraries (대학도서관에서의 디지털보존 실태분석 연구)

  • Seo, Eun-Gyoung
    • Journal of the Korean Society for information Management
    • /
    • v.33 no.1
    • /
    • pp.269-292
    • /
    • 2016
  • Digital preservation becomes, nowadays, one of the important business process in the academic libraries. This study is to investigate the librarians' perception on digital preservation requirements and to analyze the business practices of the digital preservation and digital preservation level in the 102 academic libraries. In results, it is found that the digital preservation specialists in academic libraries have almost same perception on basic policies and direction. Also, the study finds that the important function of digital preservation is to secure authenticity and integrity; policy and expertise are the most important key components for digital preservation; the most frequently reported barriers to preservation are the lack of willingness and funding problems; most librarians want to learn and train how to establish preservation planning and policy. In general, most librarian think that the level of digital preservation in the academic libraries is insufficiency. Therefore the academic libraries should establish the relevant digital preservation policy and business workflows and to develop capacity of digital preservation.