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The Calculation Model of Electron Output for the Cut-out Fields, in Consideration of Shielding Area. (차폐면적의 변화에 따르는 전자선 출력인자의 변화)

  • 이병용;김정만;김정화;권경태;이두현;이강현;최은경;장혜숙
    • Progress in Medical Physics
    • /
    • v.1 no.1
    • /
    • pp.61-68
    • /
    • 1990
  • We have designed the calculation model(AMC method) of electron output for the cut-out fieldsand studied the influence of shielding block size. The output of electron was measured in the water phantom at dmax, for 20 $\times$ 20cm$^2$ cone size electron beams from CL/1800 linear accelerator(Varian, USA), Which generates the energy of 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18MeV electron beams. The shielding blocks were rectangular or squre shaped, low melting point alloy. We can predict the output from the arbitrarily rectangular shaped block within 1% error. by using the AMC method, which considers the contribution of the collimator(block) scatter and the phantom scatter.

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