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Performance Estimation of Large-scale High-sensitive Compton Camera for Pyroprocessing Facility Monitoring (파이로 공정 모니터링용 대면적 고효율 콤프턴 카메라 성능 예측)

  • Kim, Young-Su;Park, Jin Hyung;Cho, Hwa Youn;Kim, Jae Hyeon;Kwon, Heungrok;Seo, Hee;Park, Se-Hwan;Kim, Chan Hyeong
    • Journal of Radiation Protection and Research
    • /
    • v.40 no.1
    • /
    • pp.1-9
    • /
    • 2015
  • Compton cameras overcome several limitations of conventional mechanical collimation based gamma imaging devices, such as pin-hole imaging devices, due to its electronic collimation based on coincidence logic. Especially large-scale Compton camera has wide field of view and high imaging sensitivity. Those merits suggest that a large-scale Compton camera might be applicable to monitoring nuclear materials in large facilities without necessity of portability. To that end, our research group have made an effort to design a large-scale Compton camera for safeguard application. Energy resolution or position resolution of large-area detectors vary with configuration style of the detectors. Those performances directly affect the image quality of the large-scale Compton camera. In the present study, a series of Geant4 Monte Carlo simulations were performed in order to examine the effect of those detector parameters. Performance of the designed large-scale Compton camera was also estimated for various monitoring condition with realistic modeling. The conclusion of the present study indicates that the energy resolution of the component detector is the limiting factor of imaging resolution rather than the position resolution. Also, the designed large-scale Compton camera provides the 16.3 cm image resolution in full width at half maximum (angular resolution: $9.26^{\circ}$) for the depleted uranium source considered in this study located at the 1 m from the system when the component detectors have 10% energy resolution and 7 mm position resolution.