An Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm in Mobile Adhoc Network Using Ticket Id Based Clustering Manager

  • Venkatasubramanian, S. (Saranathan college of Engineering) ;
  • Suhasini, A. (Department CSE, Annamalai University) ;
  • Vennila, C.
  • Received : 2021.07.05
  • Published : 2021.07.30


Many emerging mobile ad-hoc network application communications are group-oriented. Multicast supports group-oriented applications efficiently, particularly in a mobile environment that has a limited bandwidth and limited power. Energy effectiveness along with safety are 2 key problem in MANET design. Within this paper, MANET is presented with a stable, energy-efficient clustering technique. In this proposed work advanced clustering in the networks with ticket ID cluster manager (TID-CMGR) has formed in MANET. The proposed routing scheme makes secure networking the shortest route possible. In this article, we propose a Cluster manager approach based on TICKET-ID to address energy consumption issues and reduce CH workload. TID-CMGR includes two mechanism including ticket ID controller, ticketing pool, route planning and other components. The CA (cluster agent) shall control and supervise the functions of nodes and inform to TID-CMGR. The CH conducts and transfers packets to the network nodes. As the CH energy level is depleted, CA elects the corresponding node with elevated energy values, and all new and old operations are simultaneously stored by CA at this time. A simulation trial for 20 to 100 nodes was performed to show the proposed scheme performance. The suggested approach is used to do experimental work using the NS- simulator. TIDCMGR is compared with TID BRM and PSO to calculate the utility of the work proposed. The assessment shows that the proposed TICKET-ID scheme achieves 90 percent more than other current systems.



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