• Liu, Xiong (School of Mathematics and Statistics Lanzhou University)
  • Received : 2020.06.22
  • Accepted : 2020.11.18
  • Published : 2021.05.31


Let Ω be a proper open subset of ℝn and p(·) : Ω → (0, ∞) be a variable exponent function satisfying the globally log-Hölder continuous condition. In this article, the author introduces the "geometrical" variable Hardy spaces Hp(·)r (Ω) and Hp(·)z (Ω) on Ω, and then obtains the grand maximal function characterizations of Hp(·)r (Ω) and Hp(·)z (Ω) when Ω is a strongly Lipschitz domain of ℝn. Moreover, the author further introduces the "geometrical" variable local Hardy spaces hp(·)r (Ω), and then establishes the atomic characterization of hp(·)r (Ω) when Ω is a bounded Lipschitz domain of ℝn.


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