The Study of Criminal Lingo Analysis on Cyberspace and Management Used in Artificial Intelligence and Block-chain Technology

  • Received : 2020.07.29
  • Accepted : 2020.08.30
  • Published : 2020.09.30


Online cybercrime has various causes. The criminal guilty language, Criminal lingo is active in the shaded area with the bilateral aspect of the word on cyber. It has been continuously producing massive risk factors in cyberspace. Criminals are shared and disseminated online. It has been linked with fake news and aids to suicide that has recently become an issue. Thus the criminal lingo has become a real danger factor on cyber interface. Recently, Criminal lingo is shared and distributed as cyber hazard information. It is transformed that damaging to the youth and ordinary people through the internet and social networks. In order to take action, it is necessary to construct an expert system based on AI to implement a smart management architecture with block-chain technology. In this paper, we study technically a new smart management architecture which uses artificial intelligence based decision algorithm and block-chain tracking technology to prevent the spread of criminal lingo factors in the evolving cyber world. In addition, through the off-line regular patrol program of police units, we proposed the conversion of online regular patrol program for "cyber harem area".


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