Investigation of seismic performance of super long-span cable-stayed bridges

  • Zhang, Xin-Jun (College of Civil Engineering & Architecture, Zhejiang University of Technology) ;
  • Zhao, Chen-Yang (College of Civil Engineering & Architecture, Zhejiang University of Technology) ;
  • Guo, Jian (College of Civil Engineering & Architecture, Zhejiang University of Technology)
  • Received : 2017.08.17
  • Accepted : 2018.04.02
  • Published : 2018.06.25


With the further increase of span length, the cable-stayed bridge tends to be more slender, and becomes more susceptible to the seismic action. By taking a super long-span cable-stayed bridge with main span of 1400m as example, structural response of the bridge under the E1 horizontal and vertical seismic excitations is investigated numerically by the multimode seismic response spectrum and time-history analysis respectively, the seismic behavior and also the effect of structural nonlinearity on the seismic response of super long-span cable-stayed bridge are revealed. Furthermore, the effect of structural parameters including the girder depth and width, the tower structural style, the tower height-to-span ratio, the side-tomain span ratio, the auxiliary piers in side spans and the anchorage system of stay cables etc on the seismic performance of super long-span cable-stayed bridge is investigated numerically by the multimode seismic response spectrum analysis, and the favorable earthquake-resistant structural system of super long-span cable-stayed bridge is proposed.


Supported by : Natural Science Foundation of China


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