An Open Science 'State of the Art' for Hong Kong: Making Open Research Data Available to Support Hong Kong Innovation Policy

  • Sharif, Naubahar (Division of Social Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) ;
  • Ritter, Waltraut (Knowledge Dialogues, Hong Kong SAR, Open Data Hong Kong) ;
  • Davidson, Robert L (Open Data Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, TwoCloaks Ltd) ;
  • Edmunds, Scott C (Open Data Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, GigaScience, BGI HK Limited)
  • Published : 2018.12.31


Open Science is an umbrella term that involves various movements aiming to remove the barriers to sharing any kind of output, resources, methods or tools at any stage of the research process. While the study of open science is relatively advanced in Western countries, we know of no scholarship that attempts to understand open science in Hong Kong. This paper provides a broad-based background on the major research data management organisations, policies and institutions with the intention of laying a foundation for more rigorous future research that quantifies the benefits of open access and open data policies. We explore the status and prospects for open science (open access and open data) in the context of Hong Kong and how open science can contribute to innovation in Hong Kong. Surveying Hong Kong's policies and players, we identify both lost research potential and provide positive examples of Hong Kong's contribution to scientific research. Finally, we offer suggestions regarding what changes can be made to address the gaps we identify.


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Figure 2 Hierarchical Representation of Suggested S&T Data Ecosystem

Table 1 Hierarchical Representation of S&T Actors in Hong Kong

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Table 2. Summary of Arguments in Favour of and Against Open Data

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Supported by : BGI, China National Genebank


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