Development of a Visitor Recognition System Using Open APIs for Face Recognition

얼굴 인식 Open API를 활용한 출입자 인식 시스템 개발

  • Received : 2016.08.12
  • Accepted : 2017.01.24
  • Published : 2017.04.30


Recently, as the interest rate and necessity for security is growing, the demands for a visitor recognition system are being increased. In order to recognize a visitor in visitor recognition systems, the various biometric methods are used. In this paper, we propose a visitor recognition system based on face recognition. The visitor recognition system improves the face recognition performance by integrating several open APIs as a single algorithm and by performing the ensemble of the recognition results. For the performance evaluation, we collected the face data for about five months and measured the performance of the visitor recognition system. As the results of the performance measurement, the visitor recognition system shows a higher face recognition rate than using a single face recognition API, meeting the requirements on performance.


Grant : ICBMS 플랫폼 간 정보모델 연동 및 서비스 매쉬업을 위한 스마트 중재 기술 개발

Supported by : 정보통신기술진흥센터, 한국연구재단


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