E-mail System Model based on Ethereum

이더리움 기반 이메일 시스템 모델

  • 김태경 (명지전문대학 인터넷응용보안공학과)
  • Received : 2017.10.19
  • Accepted : 2017.11.01
  • Published : 2017.12.30


With the advent of virtual money such as bit coins, interest in the block chain is increasing. Block Chain is a technology that supports Distributed Ledger and is a versatile technology applicable to various fields. Currently, the block chain is conducting research for various applications such as virtual money, trade finance, marketplace, power market, image contents service, and IoT. The technologies that make up the block chain are smart contract, digital signature/hash function and consensus algorithm. And these technologies operate on P2P networks. In this paper, we have studied e-mail system based on the ethereum which is one of the block chain based technologies. Most legacy mail systems use SMTP and the POP3/IMAP protocol to send and receive e-mail, and e-mail use S/MIME to protect the e-mail. However, S/MIME is vulnerable to DDoS attacks because it is configured centrally. And it also does not provide non-repudiation of mail reception. To overcome these weaknesses, we proposed an e-mail system model based on ethereum. The proposed model is able to cope with DDoS attack and forgery prevention by using block chain based technology, and reliable recording and management among block chain participants are provided, so that it is possible to provide a non-repudiation function of e-mail transmission and reception.


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