A study on the improvement of BCM industry through legal systems

BCM(재해경감활동관리)산업 활성화를 위한 법·제도 개선 방안 연구

  • 한종우 (인천대학교 일반대학원 기업재난안전관리학과(국민안전처 특수재난실))
  • Published : 2015.07.01


Although many years passed since 'The Legislative bill on the support of voluntary activities of enterprises for disaster reduction'(hereinafter referred to as 'enterprise disaster reduction act') has been first enacted in 2007, BCMS is still not activated in our society. In contrast, after 911 Terror, importance of BCM is getting magnified and standardization research & institutionalization i s a lso proceeding i all over world. Lately, Disaster preventing activities is urgently needed like the sinking of 'Sewol ferry'. So the purpose of this paper is proposed for establishment of 'BCMS' and activation of the certificate system for Best-Run Business by analyzing the problem of 'enterprise disaster reduction act' and weak of activation as following. First, propel changing the policy of self-regulated participation to mandatory about the certificate system for Best-Run Business from public entity to government ministry and it is able to activate by propelling demo business of the certificate system for Best-Run Business. Second, public entity that has been given the certificate system for Best-Run Business by affiliating with Disaster Management Assessment of government management can be exempted from Disaster Management Assessment or those entity can arrange for connectivity acquisition method of 'Excellent rate'. Third, to publicize the activation of the law mentioned above, makes public entity r ecognizable by incorporating 'BCMS' into National safety management plan and establishment of National critical infrastructures security plan. Fourth, it should be reviewed to improving the related act regarding to inclusion of public organizations as well as private enterprises.