Expanding the Concept of Cultural Heritage Utilization and Classifying the Types

문화재 활용의 개념 확장과 활용 유형 분류체계 구축

  • Ryu, Ho-cheol (Anyang University Majoring in Cultural Heritage Policy)
  • 류호철 (안양대학교, 문화재 정책 전공)
  • Received : 2013.08.31
  • Accepted : 2014.02.05
  • Published : 2014.03.30


The more income and free time people have, the more interest in cultural heritage they get to improve the quality of life. In light of this, Local governments put more effort to create colorful events using their cultural heritage resources, and the central government also starts to implement policies to enhance the value of cultural heritage. To keep those efforts on utilizing cultural heritage, however, several issues seem to be addressed in advance. Firstly, it needs to define the concept of cultural heritage utilization that could cover its current policy trend. Secondly, the utilization methodology should be categorized and classified. Therefore, the study for those issues should be carried out to utilize the cultural heritage efficiently and systematically. This study contains the current status of the relevant policies and projects; the trend and meaning of the utilization. And, in this study, the cultural heritage utilization was defined as all activities producing positive effects or influences by cultural heritage such as enjoying cultural heritage values and creating additional profits. Furthermore, the cultural heritage utilization was categorized according to several criteria; the value, the objective, and the type of cultural heritage utilization. Finally, the final part of the study includes proposals on the future policy direction of cultural heritage utilization.