Comparison of Image Matching Method for Automatic Matching of High Resolution SAR Imagery

SAR 영상 자동정합을 위한 영상정합기법의 비교연구

  • 백상호 (육군사관학교 건설환경학과) ;
  • 홍승환 (연세대학교 토목환경공학과) ;
  • 유수홍 (중앙항업(주) 지리정보연구소) ;
  • 손홍규 (연세대학교 토목환경공학과)
  • Received : 2014.05.30
  • Accepted : 2014.07.05
  • Published : 2014.10.01


SAR satellite can acquire clear imagery regardless of weather and the images are widely used for land management, natural hazard monitoring and many other applications. Automatic image matching technique is necessary for management of a huge amount of SAR data. Nevertheless, it is difficult to assure the accuracy of image matching due to the difference of image-capturing attitude and time. In this paper, we compared performances of MI method, FMT method and SIFT method by applying arbitrary displacement and rotation to TerraSAR-X images and changing resolution of the images. As a result, when the features having specific intensity were distributed well in SAR imagery, MI method could assure 0~2 pixels accuracy even if the images were captured in different geometry. But the accuracy of FMT method was significantly poor for the images having different spatial resolutions and the error was represented by tens or hundreds pixels. Moreover, the ratio of corresponding matching points for SIFT method was only 0~17% and it was difficult for SIFT method to apply to SAR images captured in different geometry.


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