Electrochemical Behavior of TiO2 Nanotube/Ti Prepared by Anodizing for Micro-Lithium Ion Batteries

  • 투고 : 2013.09.09
  • 심사 : 2013.12.15
  • 발행 : 2014.02.28


The $TiO_2$ nanotube/Ti electrode are used as an anode in thin-film lithium microbatteries is known to have high oxidation-reduction potential of 1.8 V (vs. $Li/Li^+$). It can prevent from dendrite growth of lithium during charging. The $TiO_2$ nanotube/Ti electrode was prepared by anodizing at constant voltages for thin-film lithium microbatteries. The capacities of $TiO_2$ nanotube/Ti anode prepared by anodizing at 10 V, 20 V and 30 V were observed to be $23.9{\mu}Ah\;cm^{-2}$, $43.1{\mu}Ah\;cm^{-2}$ and $74.0{\mu}Ah\;cm^{-2}$. We identified it was found that the capacity of $TiO_2$ nanotube/Ti increases with increasing anodizing voltage and the anatase structure of $TiO_2$ nanotube/Ti compared with amorphous structure has batter cycle performance than amorphous $TiO_2$ nanotube/Ti.


연구 과제 주관 기관 : National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF)


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