Effects of Emotional Labor on Customer Orientation by Service Career of Security Agents

시큐리티 요원의 근무경력에 따른 감정노동이 고객지향성에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2013.12.31


Raising the level of quality of the security industry is an urgent matter. Since security service is provided through direct contact with customers, the security agents' expression of emotion directly influences the evaluation of the security company or their own earnings. So emotion control at customers demand is necessary above all things, and this research established what difference the service career makes in the influence that the security agent's emotional labor exerts on customer orientation, and the results of the analysis are summarized as follows. First, the security agent's emotional labor exerted negative effects on customer orientation. From this, the conclusion that the higher the security agent's emotional labor, the lower the customer orientation, was obtained. Second, the service career showed differences in the effects of the security agent's emotional labor on the customer orientation. In other words, the conclusion that the lower the security agent's service career, the greater effects the emotional labor exerts on the customer orientation, was obtained. In conclusion, in order to raise the level of customer service, systematic education to control the emotional labor of the security agents with low service career is necessary. Particularly, since the emotional labor of new employees is related to the service environment, the improvement of the service environment of the security agents is more important than anything else.