• Serjeant, S. (Department of Physical Sciences, The Open University) ;
  • Pearson, C. (Department of Physical Sciences, The Open University) ;
  • White, G.J. (Department of Physical Sciences, The Open University) ;
  • Smith, M.W.L. (School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University) ;
  • Doi, Y. (Department of General System Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo)
  • Received : 2012.07.20
  • Accepted : 2012.08.17
  • Published : 2012.09.16


AKARI's all-sky survey resolves the far-infrared emission in many thousands of nearby galaxies, providing essential local benchmarks against which the evolution of high-redshift populations can be measured. This review presents some recent results in the resolved galaxy populations, covering some well-known nearby targets, as well as samples from major legacy surveys such as the Herschel Reference Survey and the JCMT Nearby Galaxies Survey. This review also discusses the prospects for higher redshifts surveys, including strong gravitational lens clusters and the AKARI NEP field.


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