시설 농업 무인 관리를 위한 식물 생산 로봇 개발

Development of Agriculture Robot for Unmanned Management in Controlled Agriculture

  • 김경철 (전북대학교 대학원 정밀기계공학과) ;
  • 유범상 (전북대학교 기계시스템 공학부&전북대학교 지능로봇연구소)
  • 투고 : 2011.02.20
  • 심사 : 2011.03.29
  • 발행 : 2011.05.01


Environmental change, labor shortage, and international trade politics make agricultural automation ever more important. The automation demands the highest technology due to the nature of agriculture. In this paper, autonomous pesticide spray robot system has been developed for rose farming in the glass house. We developed drive platform, navigation/localization system, atomization spray system, autonomous, remote, and manual operation system, and monitoring system. The robot will be a great contribution to automation of hazardous labor-demanding chore of pesticide control in glass houses.


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