Synthesis of Zeolite Using Discharged Fly Ash in an Industrial Complex in Ulsan

울산지역 공단에서 발생되는 비산재를 이용한 제올라이트 합성

  • 이창한 (부산가톨릭대학교 환경행정학과) ;
  • 박종원 (일솜(주) 기술연구소)
  • Received : 2010.10.14
  • Accepted : 2011.05.20
  • Published : 2011.05.31


In this study, zeolite was synthesized by hydrothermal, fusion, and fusion/hydrothermal methods with fly ash, coal fly ash, and a waste catalyst discharged from thermal power plants and incinerator in Ulsan area. Coal fly ashes (CFAs) and a waste catalyst containing amounts of $SiO_2$ and $Al_2O_3$ ranging from 60.29 to 89.62 wt%. CFAs were mainly composed of quartz and mullite which were assayed by a XRD pattern. Zeolite could be synthesized by CFAs and the waste catalyst when all methods were used. Na-A zeolite (Z-C1, Z-C2, and Z-W5) are mainly synthesized by the fusion method from CFAs and the waste catalyst. Z-C1 and Z-C2 formed by-products, calcite peaks, which is caused by the content of CaO in CFAs and the addition of $Na_2CO_3$ for a synthetic process.


Supported by : 지식경제부, 한국산업단지공단


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