Development Trend of Magnesium Casting Technology

마그네슘 주조성형기술의 개발동향

  • 김현식 (한국마그네슘기술연구조합) ;
  • 예대희 (한국마그네슘기술연구조합) ;
  • 강민철 (한국마그네슘기술연구조합)
  • Published : 2011.10.31


Magnesium alloys have many advantages such as light-weight, high machinability, damping capacity, etc. So magnesium alloy parts have been used in transportation, mobile phone, military industries. Because of HCP atomic structure, Magnesium is very difficult in plastic deformation process, so most of magnesium products are fabricated by casting process. Magnesium alloys have low heat-capacity, high fluidity and low Fe solubility. For these reasons it is more suitable than aluminum in mass-production by casting. And various casting technologies have been developed. So casting technologies for magnesium developed recently is discussed in this paper.


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