The Study on the Plan to Introduce Traffic Inducement Security System in Korea

우리나라 교통유도경비 도입방안의 연구

  • Received : 2010.05.03
  • Accepted : 2010.06.21
  • Published : 2010.06.30


The dangerous impact on the traffic flows of cars is caused by no only the construction on the street but diverse construction sites. This in turn substantially influence on the citizens and pedestrians, thereby bring about the possibility of giant incidents. As the countermeasure for the problem in advanced countries, particularly in Japan "traffic inducement security system" has been implemented. It is analyzed that the death toll from traffic accidents has considerably declined. In the case of South Korea the system has not been administered but restrictively executed at some construction sites; however proceeding it with the lack of professionalism. The introduction of traffic inducement security system would be the opportunity for South Korea to make a progress in the safety culture such as traffic security and traffic jam. This study thus aims at analyzing the advanced countries' cases, conducting comparative analysis with Korea's scheme, and establishing the plan to adopt the traffic inducement security system. Through the output of this study followings were proposed as plans of introducing the traffic inducement security system. First of all, legal assessments regarding traffic inducement operation, for example adding the operation of the system into the category of security service, need to be preceded prior to its introduction secondly, the traffic inducement security is the institution which can contribute to the improvement of traffic safety, and also internalizing social cost. therefore, it needs to be equipped with the new qualification such as the instruction with the standardized traffic safety map, instruction system, curriculum and the publication of teaching materials. thirdly, the education for the guard should be proceeded with dividing academic and technical ones with specific curriculum. At the fourth, the securement of the venue for the driving training, the determination on technical instruction contents and the training professional instructor needs for the method of administration. In addition, the efforts on the overal standardization of traffic inducement security is necessary, and it also requires constant collaboration among private security industry, academia, professionals, relavant research institutes, etc. At the last but the least, henceforth it is prerequisite that the networking system with a diverse array of associated entities due to its social ripple effect and job creation effect.