A Study of Synthesis and Property of $CaCO_3$/Organic Core-Shell Particle

탄산칼슘 /유기계 Core-Shell 입자의 제조와 물성에 관한 연구

  • Seul, Soo-Duk (Department of Chemical Engineering, Dong-A University)
  • 설수덕 (동아대학교 공과대학 화학공학과)
  • Published : 2010.01.25


Core-shell particles of inorganic/organic pair were synthesized from $CaCO_3$ absorbed sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate(SDBS) surfactant. Shell components were synthesized by sequential emulsion polymerization. Various monomers were used as shell components such as methyl methacrylate(MMA), ethyl acrylate(EA), butyl acrylate(BA), and styrene(St). Ammonium persulfate(APS) was used as an initiator and 2-ethylhexyl acylate(2-EHA) was used as a functional monomer, In the $CaCO_3$/organic core-shell particle polymerization, $CaCO_3$ absorbed surfactant SDBS of 0.5 wt% was prepared first and then core $CaCO_3$ was encapsulated by emulsion polymerization. 0.1 wt% of APS was added sequentially to minimize the formation of new monomer particle during shell polymerization. The structure of inorganic/organic core-shell particles were characterized by measuring the decomposition degree of $CaCO_3$ using HCl solution, thermogravimetric analyzer, scanning electron microscope, and transmission electron microscope.


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