The Optimization of the Organic Passivation Process in the TFT-LCD Panel for LCD Televisions

  • Published : 2009.06.30


The results of the optimization of the organic passivation process for fabricating thin-film transistors (TFTs) with a high aperture ratio on a seventh-generation glass (2200${\times}$1870 mm) substrate for LCD-TV panels are reported herein. The optimization of the organic passivation process has been verified by checking various factors, including the material properties (e.g., thickness, stain, etching, thermal reflow) and the effects on the TFT operation (e.g., gate/data line delay and display-driving properties). The two main factors influencing the organic passivation process are the optimization of the final thickness of the organic passivation layer, and the gate electrode. In conclusion, the minimum possible final thickness was found to be $2.42{\um}m$ via simulation and pilot testing, using the full-factorial design. The optimization of the organic passivation layer was accomplished by improving its brightness by over 10 cd/$m^2$ (ca. 2% luminance) compared to that of the conventional organic passivation process. The results of this research also help reduce the reddish stain on display panels.


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