A Relationship between Self-Regulation, Job Satisfaction, and Job Stress of Korean Nurses

일반간호사의 자기조절에 따른 직무만족과 직무 스트레스

  • Published : 2008.09.30


Purpose: This study examined the association of job satisfaction and job stress with the self regulation of nurses. Method: This research was descriptive in its design and used a self-administered questionnaire. The study subjects were 173 nurses who worked in the three university teaching hospitals. The instruments used in the study were self-regulation scale, job satisfaction scale and job stress scale. The data were analyzed by ANOVA, t-test, Pearson Correlation Coefficient, and multiple regression. Results: The mean score of self regulation, job satisfaction and job stress were 4.58, 1.90 and 3.31, respectively. The degree of error and confidence in decision making of the study subjects was associated with the extent of job satisfaction and job stress. Conclusion: Self regulation made an influence in a statistically significant way on nurses' job satisfaction and job stress. Therefore, we need to develop strategies to enhance the self regulation of nurses to improve their job satisfaction and job stress in a positive way.