The Effect of Music Therapy on the Physiological and Psychological Status of Women College Students Based on Their Preference of Music

음악선호도에 따른 음악요법이 여대생의 생리적, 심리적 변수에 미치는 효과

  • Received : 2008.01.16
  • Accepted : 2008.02.27
  • Published : 2008.04.30


Purpose: This study was intended to determine how the choice of music affects the physiological and psychological status of women college student during music therapy. Methods: A nonequivalent experimental group pretest-posttest design was used. 19 out of 54 subjects were assigned to listen to their favorite music and 17 to their unfavorite music for 20 minutes using MP3 players and headphones. Anxiety, blood pressure, pulse and blood glucose levels of the subjects were measured before treatment. The data was analyzed by Mann-Whitney and Wilcoxon signed rank test using the SPSS/WIN 10.0 program. Results: The result showed that systolic blood pressure, blood glucose and anxiety level decreased significantly in the favorite music group. however systolic blood pressure, pulse rate and anxiety level increased significantly in the unfavorite music group. The favorite music group showed a significantly higher level of satisfaction than the unfavorite music group. Conclusion: Choice of music affects the physiological and psychological status of an individual. Favorite music listening would enhance the effect of music therapy. Therefore, selection of music must be considered in light of the subject's preference and characteristics.