The Analysis on the Electric Potential Distribution of Dry and Submerged Condition by Electric Leakage in Street Lamp

가로등설비 누전시 건조상태와 침수상태에 대한 전위분포 분석

  • Hon, Sung-Ho (Fire Insurers Laboratories of Korea) ;
  • Park, Sang-Tea (Fire Insurers Laboratories of Korea) ;
  • Kim, Sang-Chul (Department of Occupational Health and Safety Engineering, Semyung University)
  • Published : 2008.12.31


This paper presents study on the electric potential distribution when have a short in street lamp. In order to measure electric potential testing ground is built in. A experiment is conducted to simulate dry and submerged situation of street lamp. The street lamp is leaked by artificial means. And electric potential is measured in grounded street lamp and street lamp alone. The results show that touch voltage of grounded street lamp is possible more high than street lamp alone. And the electric shock hazard is high because high electric potential is distributed near submerged street lamp. Also if street lamp is submerged ground is not useful to decrease electric shock hazard.


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