Influences of Job Stress of 119 Briefing Room Workers on Depression

119상황실 근무자의 직무스트레스가 우울에 미치는 영향

  • Park, Dae-Sung (Dept. of Emergency Medical Technology, Choonhae College of Health Sciences) ;
  • Nam, Kun-Woo (Dept. of Occupational Therapy, Choonhae College of Health Sciences)
  • 박대성 (춘해보건대학 응급구조과) ;
  • 남건우 (춘해보건대학 작업치료과)
  • Published : 2008.08.31


Purpose : This study was cross-sectional study to examine the influence of job stress in 119 briefing room workers and aimed to provide the important basic materials for improving working conditions of 119 briefing room workers and further studies. Methods : This study selected 271 workers of 119 briefing room at National Emergency Management Agency and fire stations, metropolitan cities and provinces to examine the influences of job stress of 119 briefing room workers on depression. and as a result of analysis, the following conclusions. Results : 1) The whole average of job stress measure was 3.30. The highest area was interpersonal relationship factor as 3.41, 'job characteristic factor' as 3.36 and communication factor' as 3.01. 2) Total score of whole items of depression was 11.88 and showed slight depression level. 3) There was static correlation between job stress and depression(r=44.7, p= .000). There were statistically significant static correlations between job stress factor and depression(r= .388, p= .000), interpersonal relationship factor and depression(r= .471, p= .000), and communication factor and depression(r= .386, p= .000). 4) There was statistically significant difference in the influence of job stress on depression(B=8.575, p< .001). Influence of job stress on depression was explained as $R^2=.200$. When job stress factors as independent variables were input, interpersonal relationship factor(B=5.062, p< .001) had the greatest influence on depression and there was no statistically significant difference in communication factor(B=2.490, p< .05). Conclusions : It is considered that development of the various programs including program for getting rid of job stress of 119 briefing room workers and counseling program will be needed. particularly, factors such as human relationships and communication in the area of job stress must be the first priority.