Analysis on Quality Defect Status in the Construction Site of Domestic Educational Facilities

국내교육시설건설공사 현장에서의 품질하자 현황분석

  • Published : 2008.01.30


Amid the rapidly changing constructional business conditions, the volume of BTL business sectors has expanded largely during two or three years. Especially, construction works fur educational facilities of elementary, middle and high schools has been performed by the mid-sized construction companies who are not capable of doing effective and systematic quality management while the requirements of the customers are getting higher and higher. In order to have a flexible deal with the rapidly changing business conditions and also to enhance the quality level, it is the high time to reorganize the effective quality management systeme by doing the overall analysis about the quality defects in construction site. Accordingly through the investigation about the quality defects in the construction sites of domestic educational facilities, this study will focus on what kind of quality defects show. It is aimed at providing the preliminary data for the establishment of quality management fur the construction site of the domestic educational facilities by analysing the investigation results.


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