Simulation platform for living environment to ensure quality life

쾌적한 생활 설계를 위한 주거 및 사무실 시뮬레이터개발

  • Published : 2007.08.31


In this modern era, human beings lead their life in complex environment where there are lots of parameters such as temperature, light, smell, sound, visual stimulus etc. that play important role for quality life. These parameters affect physical and mental behavior of a human being immensely. To ensure quality life the demand for quality products is always associated with human emotion and sensibility. Due to human sensibility and emotion involvement with quality life, the design stages of any kind of product must include some certain features related with emotion and sensibility. The cues for optimizing artificial environment are the physiological responses of human in that environment. The conventional approach of environmental physiology is to measure the relationship between environmental physical parameters and human psychological parameters under artificial conditions. Using that approach we tried to design an artificial environment for our daily lives and activities associated with both physiological and psychological behavior. We developed the technique to present the mock environment and software to measure and evaluate sensibility physiologically or psychologically and a simulator to measure and evaluate sensibility that can be utilized for large scale industrial production and design of environment. Simulator to measure and analyze human sensibility (SMAS) was constructed, which was utilized to estimate human sensibility and to simulate living and office environment.