Correction of Mass Unbalance of a High Precision Rotor

Impact를 이용한 정밀 고속 회전체 불평형 보정

  • Published : 2007.08.20


The unbalanced mass of a high precision rotor deteriorates mechanical performance of the rotor. The geometrical center of a rotor generally corresponds to the rotational axis of the rotor. However, this alignment carried out with a stationary rotor does not guarantee the dynamic rotor balance. There have been a number of schemes for the correction of the unbalance published for decades especially in the hard drive industry where the issues are directly affecting manufacturing costs and product performances. Realizing the significance of the problem, the present work tries to refine one of the methods that works by applying external impact during a rotor spins. A systematic way to apply the external impact to a rotating rotor has been introduced to minimize unbalance correction process time.


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