The Effects of Pre-operational Education on Nursing Care Satisfaction and Anxiety;A Comparison between Traditional Face-to-face Education and Mobile Text Messages

정보제공 방법에 따른 암수술환자 가족의 간호요구 만족도와 불안

  • Published : 2007.08.31


Purpose: This study was aimed to compare two different kinds of pre-operational education methods on nursing care satisfaction and anxiety among family members of cancer patients. Methods: This research used a quasi-experimental design. A total of 80 patients participated in the study. Forty subjects who were in the experimental group were assigned to be received mobile text-information via cellular phone, whereas control group was given the direct messages from nurses during peri-operative time. Peri-operative family needs and anxiety were measured and analyzed by X2-test and t-test. Result: There was no statistically significant difference in the levels of peri-operative family needs satisfaction and the levels of state anxiety between the two groups (p= .05). Conclusion: Based upon these findings, the nursing intervention with cellular phone short message could be as effective as direct peri-operative information in reducing the level of state anxiety and in increasing of the level of nursing care satisfaction among the family members of cancer patients.