A study on the Color Analysis to he a Beautiful Face Conference Work - Focused on a Work of the Competition After 1980 -

미용대회 작품헤어 컬러분석 - 1980년대 이후 대회작품을 중심으로 -

  • You, Ok-Lee (Microbiological Engineering, Kon-kuk University) ;
  • Paik, Sun-Young (Microbiological Engineering, Kon-kuk University)
  • 유옥이 (건국대학교 미생물공학과) ;
  • 백선영 (건국대학교 미생물공학과)
  • Published : 2007.12.30


Hair style was mean of visual symbol that display position or wealth about human life. Also, have spoken for cultural value as human body plastic art that speak for the age. I wished to study about modeling of hair style and interrelationship of color by analyzing systematically laying stress on color through contest creation work consisted in beauty art congress. Urpose of this study is as following. First, examines domestic' outside great council work head change by era, and studies Hair Work's change in work head. Second, Hair Color's change that appear in domestic' outside contest work head studies effect that get in work. Method of study runs parallel literature study and supporting research, utilized domestic' outside literature, connection paper, magazine, picture data etc. To literature study, and work picture data examined laying stress on work that is choosesed picture dataworld beauty use association (OMC) data etc. that appear in domestic' outside beauty art magazine to examine closely specification and stability of beauty art game style and participates in domestic and world beauty art contest. In this study, domestic' characteristic, and effect that collar gets in work head of collar that collects outside contest participating in an athletic contest hair style by ($1981{\sim}$until present) by year and appears in contest work head and in work since analyzing study forward $2007{\sim}2008$ year direction of collar. First, stream of whole color of the 1980s Brown gave highlight color point partially to basis, and was consisted of creative style and do Gold base color on the whole in Hair by Night item. Second, various Hair color was popularized in the 199Os, and Tuton's color appeared in beauty art game work, and I contributed to improve technique that step-up gradation color appears and does technique to highlight in neon orange in creative style and Hair by Night item by entrance on the stage of neuter gender color.