Preparation of Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nanowires from Methane Pyrolysis over Pd/SPK Catalyst

Pd/SPK 촉매상에서 메탄의 열분해 반응으로부터 탄소 나노튜브 및 탄소 나노선의 제조

  • Seo, Ho Joon (Division of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, Chonnam National University) ;
  • Kwon, Oh Yun (Division of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, Chonnam National University)
  • 서호준 (전남대학교 생명.화학공학부) ;
  • 권오윤 (전남대학교 생명.화학공학부)
  • Received : 2006.10.20
  • Accepted : 2006.12.11
  • Published : 2007.02.10


Carbon nanotubes and nanowires were prepared by methane pyrolysis over Pd(5)/SPK catalyst by changing oxygen molar ratio in a fixed bed flow reactor under atmospheric condition and also analyzed by SEM and TEM. When the $CH_4/O_2$ molar ratio was 1, carbons were not almost deposited on the catalyst bed support, but when it was 2, carbons were deposited as much as plugging reactor. TEM and SEM images for the deposited carbons showed a number of single-walled carbon nanotubes and carbon nanowires. The growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes produced on the catalyst surface was the tip growth mode. It should be played an important role in carbon nanotubes and nanowires produced on the catalyst bed support to formate the carbon growth velocity vectors and nuclei of ring structure of carbon nanowires. SPK carrier was $N_2$ isotherm of IV type with mesopores, and excellent in the thermal stability.


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