Impact of a Media-Campaign to Promote Walking on Awareness & Behavior Change

지역사회 걷기 활성화를 위한 매체-캠페인이 걷기관련 인식과 행태변화에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2007.10.30


Object: To analyze the effect of a media-campaign for "walking exercise participation improvement", which impacted walking-related awareness and behavior change of residents in Seoul. Method: This study used three campaign media including printing information, walking exercise indication board and a public advertisement of cable TV to lead a walking-related awareness change and practice frequency(number of days per week walking) and time(minutes per day walking) of walking exercise. To evaluate the exposure and message-recall levels of a campaign and effects of awareness change and walking practice, this study used a questionnaire survey(N=377). Result: 1) Group of exposure to campaign more participate and had the higher frequency(p=.015) and time(p=.023) in walking exercise and in comparison with group of nonexposure. 2) Group of changed awareness to campaign more participate and had the higher frequency and time in walking exercise and in comparison with group of no changed perception(p <.05). 3) Level of message recall of ${\ulcorner}$printing information${\lrcorner}$ was associated with number of days per week walking, and level of message recall of ${\ulcorner}$public advertisement of cable TV${\lrcorner}$ was associated with minutes per day walking at a statistically significant level(p <.05). Conclusion: These results suggest that media campaign can enhance the success of community-based efforts to promote awareness change and walking practice.


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