ARARO: Aggregate Router-Assisted Route Optimization for Mobile Network Support

  • Published : 2007.12.30


Network Mobility basic support protocol (NEMO Basic) extends the operation of Mobile IPv6 to provide uninterrupted Internet connectivity to the communicating nodes of mobile networks. The protocol uses a mobile router (MR) in the mobile network to perform prefix scope binding updates with its home agent (HA) to establish a bi-directional tunnel between the HA and MR. This solution reduces location-update signaling by making network movements transparent to the mobile nodes (MNs) behind the MR. However, delays in data delivery and higher overheads are likely to occur because of sub-optimal routing and multiple encapsulation of data packets. To manage the mobility of the mobile network, it is important to minimize packet overhead, to optimize routing, and to reduce the volume of handoff signals over the nested mobile network. This paper proposes en aggregate router-assisted route optimization (ARARO) scheme for nested mobile networks support which introduces a local anchor router in order to localize handoff and to optimize routing. With ARARO, a mobile network node (MNN) behind a MR performs route optimization with a correspondent node (CN) as the MR sends a binding update message (BU) to aggregate router (AGR) via root-MR on behalf of all active MNNs when the mobile network moves. This paper describes the new architecture and mechanisms and provides simulation results which indicate that our proposal reduces transmission delay, handoff latency and signaling overhead. To evaluate the scheme, we present the results of simulation.