The Effect of Prostaglandin $F_2{\alpha}$ on Semen Collection Training in Boars

  • Published : 2007.12.31


The objective of this study was to determine the effect of administration of Prostaglandin $F_2{\alpha}$ ($PGF_2{\alpha}$) on semen collection training and semen characteristics in sexually inexperienced boars. Boars were moved individually to a semen collection pen and were trained to mount dummy sow. During the first and second semen collection secessions, 4 out of 17 boars and 4 out of remaining 13 boars allowed collection of semen. The 9 boars that failed semen collection from first 2 attempts received immediately 15 mg of $PGF_2{\alpha}$ i.m. (intramuscular injection) upon entering the collection pen for semen collection resulted in successful semen collection from all 9 boars. Total numbers of spermatozoa were higher in $PGF_2{\alpha}$ treated boars but there was no significant difference in % motility kinematics characteristics between control and $PGF_2{\alpha}$ treated groups during 72 hr period. Overall, administration of $PGF_2{\alpha}$ in sexually inexperienced boars increased the sex drive and facilitated the mounting activity to the dummy sow for semen collection.


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