Client-Satisfiction Survey for evaluation of Health Examination Services in Korea Association of Health Promotion(KAHP)

검진센터를 이용한 고객의 만족도 조사

  • 이상연 (한국건강관리협회 대구지부) ;
  • 조승진 (한국건강관리협회 대구지부) ;
  • 최승렬 (한국건강관리협회 대구지부) ;
  • 김순희 (한국건강관리협회 대구지부) ;
  • 엄진영 (한국건강관리협회 대구지부) ;
  • 장현오 (한국건강관리협회 대구지부) ;
  • 유형관 (계명대학교 경영학부)
  • Published : 2006.06.01


Background: This survey has focused on Client-Satissfaction for health examination services of Korean Association of Health Promotion, This research will help final weak point and promote the qualify of the services provided. Methods: This survey was done on 400 visitors of the clinic. Between Jan. 2 and May 3l, 2005 Questionaires were distributed to the visitors with a informed consent. Results: The visitㅐrs for health examination at Daegu chapter of Korean Association of Health promotion had high-school or higher level education(79.8%) and were self-employed persons with an average monthly income of 3~4 million won(27.7%), and housewives(33.0%). The most frequent complaints of the visitors was the difficulty in access to the center. The motives for taking health examination were cheap cost of examination(32.7%) and recommendation by fami1y members and friends(42.0%). The possitive attitude of the employees of KAHP were kind reponses to phone calls(85.3%) and kind explanations to questions(68.5%). Regarding the merits of the examination at KAHP, appropriate equipments(68.0%) and quality of equipments(66.0%) and they expressed their desire for further use revisit to the KAHP(85.3%).Conclusions. It is concluded that this KAHP is providing services meeting their demands in cost and qualitatively of health examination. However, it is noted that there are several weak points in own system that make own clients uneasy in taking health examination. They have to be solved by providing transporting for accession, kind attitudes and comfortable facilities.