Development and Analysis of Job Description for Korean Oncology APN

종양 전문 간호사의 직무 분석

  • Published : 2006.02.28


Purpose: This study was designed to develop job description for Korean oncology APNs and assess importance, frequency, and difficulty for each of task elements listed on the job description. Method: Twenty-four oncology APNs or professors working at cancer centers or universities in Korea were enrolled in this study. They were asked to complete the questionnaires about frequencies, importances, and difficulties on the task elements for the APNs which had developed through a DACUM method. Descriptive statistics were produced by using SPSS WIN 10.0. Result: The job description of oncology APNs was identified 5 duties, 44 tasks, and 110 task elements. As for the all five duties, the average scores of the frequency, importance, and difficulty were 2.57, 2.25 and 2.52. And the role of educator was shown as the most important duty of the oncology ANPs, whereas the role of administer was the least. And the role of consultant was the most frequently performed by the oncology APNs. Conclusion: In this study, we could recognize the reality of oncology APNs' performances having wide spectrum from medical to nursing disciplines. For further verifying and improving performance, we need more precisely designed studies with more representative subjects.