Development and Application of a Process Visualizer to Represent and Analyze Design Process

설계프로세스의 표현과 분석을 위한 프로세스 뷰어 개발과 적용

  • Published : 2006.06.01


Any design process is interwoven with numerous intermediate design representations and information. On the other hand, designers proceed the design through various activities. It has always been a difficult task to model the design process, yet there are many significant research outputs that explain the design process through the cognitive approaches. This research started from the necessity of an interactive system which externalize the elements of design process in a visual or tangible manner. In order to do so, a design model, specifically a design process representation model was necessary to capture and represent design process. Several concepts such as design issue, design concept, and design form were defined through the empirical studies of design practices. The assumption is that the design process can be effectively captured by the presented system and it can help both designers and tutors review and analyze the design process. It should also help novice designers learn from expert designer's design process patterns. The system represents design process pattern in a interactive graphic environment. It also provides various useful features to enhance the analysis of design process. This paper presents theoretical groundwork and development process of the design process visualizer. The representation model is presented, and the application of the system is reviewed. Discussions on the further development directions include critical evaluation of the system.


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