Legal Definition of Nursing Practice

간호 업무의 법적 정의

  • Published : 2006.12.31


Purpose: This paper is intended to provide a clauses of scope of nursing practice with nursing act. Method: This was a planning study. The provision of scope of nursing practice is constructed through critical review of literatures and regulations. The validity of the legal definition was tested through expert and staffs in affiliates of Korean Nurses Association review. Result: 'Nursing is an activity that assesses and diagnoses the reaction of an individual, family, and community for health promotion and maintenance, illness prevention and rehabilitation and to provide intervention and evaluate the results. This practices are done through nursing knowledge and skills. The nursing practices include basic nursing services (general hygiene, environment and safety control, emotional and physical comfort, examination and surgery related care, systematic observation and reporting about patients, activity and organ function maintenance), practice of doctor's regimen, consulting and education to patients, reference, collaboration and management with other health personnel, public health activity by regulation. And nursing standards are set by a separate code. Conclusions: The result of this study can be used to offer for nursing act. So, This legal definition will be constantly discussed and extended to reflect actual nursing practice.