The Static Pressure Distribution and Flow Characteristics Inside the High-Pressure Swirl Spray

고압 스월분무 내부의 압력분포 및 유동특성에 대한 연구

  • Published : 2006.09.30


The static pressure distribution and flow characteristics inside the high-pressure swirl spray were investigated by measuring the static pressure inside the spray and applying the computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The static pressure difference between inner and outer part of spray was measured at different axial locations and operating conditions using a piezo-resislive pressure transducer. To obtain the qualitative value of swirl motion at different operating conditions, the spray impact-pressure at the nozzle exit was measured using a piezo-electric pressure transducer, and the flow angle was measured using a microscopic imaging system. The flow characteristics inside the high pressure swirl spray was simulated by the 1-phase 3-dimensional CFD model. The effect of pressure alternations on spray development was discussed with macroscopic spray images and a mathematical liquid film model. The results showed that the static pressure drop is observed inside the swirl spray as a result of the dragged air motion and the centrifugal force of the air. The recirculation vortex inside the spray was also observed inside the swirl spray as a result of the adverse pressure gradient along the axial locations. The results of analytical liquid film model and macroscopic spray images showed that the static pressure structure is one of the main parameters affecting the swirl spray development.