The Study of Comparing the Factors of Affecting on the Quality of Life for Young-Old Women and Old-Old Women

전기, 후기 여성노인의 삶의 질 및 영향요인 비교연구

  • Published : 2006.05.31


This study distinguishes the aging population as young-old and old-old women. It examines the difference of each variable between young-old and old-old women. Also, it examines the effect of physical, psychological, social, economic and environmental factors on the quality of life for older adults in both groups and compares the effects on the quality of life between both groups. The sample of this study is collected from Daegu and Kyungbuk province and the sample size of this study is 310. As statistical method, t-test, $X^2$ and hierarchical multiple regressions are used. As demographic factors, age, marital status, income and education are controlled. The research results show that marriage, perceived health, self-esteem and social support are important factors of affecting on the quality of life for both groups. However, for young-old group, the perceived economic hardship and the receipt of social welfare affect negatively and social participation affects positively on the quality of life. On the other hand, for old-old group, informative social role affects positively and social participation affects on the quality of life negatively.