Military Education and Degree at university-level by the Higher Education Act

고등교육법에 의한 군사학교육 발전방안1)

  • 진석용 (대전대 정치외교학과.대전대 군사연구원연구Ⅲ)
  • Published : 2005.12.30


In 2004 Daejeon University established a department of military studies by an agreement with the Korea Army. And more than three universities brought up the rear. This means that military studies is authorized as one of university majors by the Higher Education Act. The department enables students not only to graduate with a degree of Military Studies but also to receive officer’s commission in the Korea Army. All students incur seven-year military services by receiving four-year scholarships from the Army. The graduates start out as Second Lieutenants and become eligible for promotion. This article deals with (i) how the major came to be offered; (ii) details of the curricula of some universities; (iii) two perspectives on the curriculum of Military Studies (One is education for a good man, the other for a good warrior); finally (iv) the issues under debate as Military Studies is authorized as a science, and the problems awaiting solution.