A Study on the Adoption of Accounting Information Systems in Mandatory Environments : Using TAM and TPB

비자발적 환경의 회계정보시스템 수용에 관한 연구 : TAM과 TPB를 이용하여

  • Published : 2005.03.01


The technology acceptance model (TAM) is a lot of cited in information technology adoption and usage researches. TAM has a base in psychological research, is parsimonious, explains usage behavior quite well, and can be operationalized with valid and reliable instruments. But TAM has been conducted primarily in volitional environments of the adoption of new technology. This paper discusses technology acceptance in accounting information systems to examine TAM with subjective norm and perceived behavioral control in mandated using environments. The results show that in mandatory environments such as accounting information systems, subjective norm is not a significant effect on the behavioral intention. Perceived usefulness and perceived behavioral control are significant the factor on the behavioral intention. The implications of finding are that perceived usefulness and perceived behavioral control play major role in technology acceptance rather than subjective norm in accounting information systems with mandatory environments.