Development of a Robot Element Design Program

로봇 요소품 설계 프로그램 개발

  • Published : 2005.04.01


This paper presents the development of the design of the robot element. Robot element design is an important part of robot design since it decides the performance and life time of the robot. It is necessary that the robot kinematics and the robot dynamics are accomplished to design the robot elements. The robot kinematics and dynamics determine the design parameters of the element. We developed a robot element design program with which a designer can design the robot element with convenience and reliability. The program is composed of motor, harmonic driver and ball-screw design. The program is founded on the virtual robot design program. The virtual robot design program is the powerful software which may be used to solve various problems of the robot kinematics and dynamics. The robot element design program may be used to calculate the design parameters of the element that are necessary to design robot element. Therefore, the designer can decide upon the available robot elements available to perform the objective of the robot. The robot element design program is expected to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of the robot industry.


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