Anti-inflammatory Activity and Phospholipase $A_2$ Inhibition of Noni (Morinda citrifolia) Methanol Extracts

노니(Morinda citrifolia) 메타놀 추출물의 Phospholipase $A_2$ 억제와 항염증 활성

  • Published : 2005.10.01


To investigate anti-inflammatory activity of Noni extracts, we measured the phospholipase $A_2$ activity using both in vitro and in vivo system. Water soluble fraction of Noni extracts did not affect melittin-induced arachidonic acid release, whereas lipid soluble fraction inhibited it in a dose dependent manner in Raw 264.7 cells. The purified phos­pholipase $A_2$ activity was dose-dependently inhibited by lipid soluble fraction of Noni extracts but not by its water soluble fraction. Lipid peroxidation, myeloperoxidase and phospholipase $A_2$ activity in incised skin of mice were significantly increased as compared with those in non-incised skin, and these increase was attenuated by the treatment with Noni pow­der. Our data suggest that Noni extracts has anti-inflammatory activity, and this is, in part, caused by inhibitory activity of phospholipase $A_2$.



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