The Effect of Problem Posing Teaching on Mathematical Problem-Solving Ability and Creativity

문제제기 수업이 수학 문제해결력과 창의력에 미치는 효과

  • Published : 2005.08.01


I analyzed the effect of problem posing teaching and teacher-centered teaching on mathematical problem-solving ability and creativity in order to know the efffct of problem posing teaching on mathematics study. After we gave problem posing lessons to the 3rd grade middle school students far 28 weeks, the evaluation result of problem solving ability test and creativity test is as fellows. First, problem posing teaching proved to be more effective in developing problem-solving ability than existing teacher-centered teaching. Second, problem posing teaching proved to be more effective than teacher-centered teaching in developing mathematical creativity, especially fluency and flexibility among the subordinate factors of mathematical creativity. Thus, 1 suggest the introduction of problem posing teaching activity for the development of problem-solving ability and mathematical creativity.